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AIR COOLER supplier china tells you about air coolers

AIR COOLER supplier china tells you: air coolers can also be divided into vertical, horizontal, and inclined roof types according to tube bundle arrangement; according to cooling methods, they can be divided into: dry air cooling, wet air cooling (including humidification type, spray evaporation type, Wet face type), combined type; according to the cold protection method: hot air internal circulation type, hot air external circulation type, steam tracing type, etc.

AIR COOLER supplier china
Common failure modes of air coolers:
  *The cooling effect of the air cooler is poor
  * Fan failure
*Blade damage
  There are several reasons for the poor cooling effect of the air cooler:
  Scaling on the inner wall of the finned tube
  The finned tube is blocked and the medium does not flow
  Fin fouling
  Finned tube bending deformation
  fin lodging
  Wet air-cooled or combined air-cooled finned tube fins are too dense.
  AIR COOLER supplier china tells you that for such failures as poor cooling effect, it is mainly solved by cutting off the air cooler for blowing or cleaning (chemical cleaning or physical cleaning), repairing damaged fins, etc.


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