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AIR COOLER supplier china introduces the classification of air coolers for you.

AIR COOLER supplier china tells you: the air cooler mainly includes the following basic components: tube bundle, fan, frame, louvers, bellows and accessories, etc.

Classification of air coolers.

Air coolers can be divided into blast type (forced ventilation type) and induced draft type (induced ventilation type) according to the ventilation method. The blower fan is placed under the tube bundle. The induced draft fan is placed above the tube bundle.

AIR COOLER supplier china

The wind extracted by the induced draft type is hot air after heat exchange, so the required power is 10% larger than that of the blast type. However, because the air is evenly distributed among the tube bundles, and the hot air drawn out is not easy to be sucked back into the air cooler, and because the surface of the tube bundle is 60% covered, it is less affected by the sun, rain and hail, so most air coolers are Using induced draft.

AIR COOLER supplier china tells you: But when the outlet temperature of the air cooler should be limited below 100°C to prevent possible damage to the fan blades, bearings, V-belts or other mechanical components in the hot air, at the same time for the inlet temperature is higher than 180 For the above fluids, the blast structure should be adopted.


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