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AIR COOLER supplier china introduces the design experience sharing of air coolers

AIR COOLER supplier china introduces the design experience sharing of air coolers.
As an ideal cooling medium, it has been widely used by traditional industrial cooling systems for a long time. However, with the shortage of water resources and energy and the enhancement of environmental protection, water-saving, energy-saving, and pollution-free air coolers have been rapidly developed in the past 40 years. develop.

AIR COOLER supplier china
The air cooler is a device that uses ambient air as the cooling medium to cool or condense the high-temperature fluid in the tube, referred to as the air cooler. Because the use of air coolers has no restrictions on water sources, the requirements for the selection of plant sites are relatively low, and the air can be taken at will, so there will be no environmental pollution problems.
Therefore, air coolers can better help enterprises save production costs and generate better economic benefits. Air coolers have been successfully and economically used for cooling liquids such as steam, high-boiling organic steam, steam from petroleum distillation, gasoline, and condensation of liquid ammonia.
AIR COOLER supplier china will introduce to you: air coolers can be used for cooling or condensation, and are widely used in: oil refining, condensation of petrochemical overhead steam; cooling of reflux oil and tower bottom oil; cooling of various reaction products; cycle gas Cooling and condensation of steam turbine exhaust in power stations; mobile machinery (excavators, loaders, forklifts, cranes, combine harvesters, road construction machinery, construction machinery, etc.).


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