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Basic product knowledge of AIR COOLER supplier china

AIR COOLER supplier china tells you that using an air cooler instead of a water cooler for condensation cooling of the medium can not only save water, but also reduce water pollution. In addition, it has the advantages of low maintenance cost, safe and reliable operation, and long service life.
   Air coolers have become an indispensable type of equipment for cooling equipment in refineries and petrochemical plants. Its application scope includes various working conditions from tower top oil gas condensation to gasoline and diesel cooling. In the chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, air coolers are also widely used.

AIR COOLER supplier china
Basic components of an air cooler:
Tube bundle: It consists of a combination of tube box, finned tube and frame. The fluid that needs to be cooled or condensed passes through the tube, and the air sweeps through the finned tube bundle outside the tube to cool or condense the hot fluid;
Axial flow fan: one or several axial flow fans in a group to drive the flow of air;
Frame: air cooler tube bundles and fan support components;
Other: There are shutters, steam coils, ladders, platforms, etc.
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