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Maintenance considerations for UNIT AIR COOLER components

01 Check that there is no leakage on each sealing surface of the tube bundle of UNIT AIR COOLER components. If there is leakage, the plug-type pipe box can properly tighten the plug. If there is still no effect, stop the machine and replace the gasket or replace the plug. When using gaskets or bolted fasteners, stop the machine first and prevent the medium from emptying, and then carry out).
02 When the end of the finned tube leaks, it is allowed to re-expand the tube. The number of re-expansion should not exceed 2 times, and be careful not to over-expand. When the finned tube cannot be repaired by expansion joints, the finned tube should be replaced. As a temporary measure, it is also allowed to block with a metal plug .

UNIT AIR COOLER components
03 If it is necessary to check on the surface of the tube bundle, a wooden or rubber plate should be placed on the finned tubes to avoid damage to the fins.
04 If the aluminum fin is knocked down, use a special tool (flat-nose pliers) to straighten it.
05Regularly remove the dirt on the fins to reduce air resistance and maintain cooling capacity. The cleaning method is to flush with pressurized water or compressed steam.
06 Check whether the thermal compensation structure of the tube bundle is working normally, and the floating tube box must move flexibly, and stagnation is not allowed.
07 During regular maintenance, use steam and water to flush the inside of the tube bundle, and be sure to remove the dirt. And check the corrosion thickness, and its value should not exceed the specified value (3 mm for carbon steel). When reinstalling after inspection, the plug should be replaced Gaskets and flanges.
08 When regularly maintaining UNIT AIR COOLER components, a layer of silver powder paint should be applied to the outer surface of the tube bundle (excluding the fin surface).


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