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Routine maintenance method of EVAPORATOR products





EVAPORATOR products are the same as many products. If you need to carry out protection work on time, let me tell you about the common sense of daily protection! Evaporator washes on time. The protection of the evaporator generally adopts the method of "washing effect" (also known as washing the furnace), that is, cleaning the dirt in the evaporator. Different types of evaporators have different scaling conditions under different operating conditions, so the cleaning effect should be carried out on time according to production practice and experience.


The length of the washing effect cycle is closely related to the production intensity and steam consumption. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the quality of operation, and the washing effect period should be extended. There are two types of washing methods: large wash and small wash. Great wash. It is the washing effect method of draining the washing effect water. First, reduce the amount of incoming steam, drain out the material liquid in the effect, then add the condensed water to the regular liquid level, and increase the steam pressure to make the water boil to dissolve the dirt in the effect, open the circulating pump to flush the pipeline, and when the washing requirements are reached , reduce the steam pressure, and then drain the washing effect water.

If scaling is severe, two washes can be performed. Small wash. A small wash is a way to not drain the wash effect water. Generally, EVAPORATOR products are prone to scaling above the heater. Before the overall scaling is completed, it can be washed regularly to remove part of the scaling layer in the heating chamber and restore the normal evaporation strength. The method is to discharge the liquid in the heating chamber and the circulation pipe after the steam volume is reduced, and then increase the steam pressure when the water inlet in the circulation pipe reaches a certain liquid level, and resume normal production, so that the washing effect water can be circulated and washed in the effect.

EVAPORATOR products often observe the operating current and working conditions of each feeding pump, feeding pump and forced circulation pump. The surrounding environment of EVAPORATOR products should be kept clean and free of debris, and the thermal insulation layer outside the equipment should be intact. If damaged, it should be protected from time to time to reduce heat loss. Strictly implement the major, medium and minor repair plans, dismantle, inspect and repair on time, make records, and accumulate equipment inspection and repair data to facilitate technical improvement.


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