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What are the maintenance tasks for the TEC AIR COOLER


1. When the air cooler is put into use, it is necessary to discharge the air of the entire cooling system and the detection equipment has no leakage, and the cooling water can be dredged before operation.

2. Pay attention to control the water flow rate and flow of the TEC AIR COOLER so that it can form an anti-corrosion protective film on the inner wall of the air cooler. If the water flow rate of the air cooler is too small, it is easy to form deposits, and if it is too large, it is easy to form corrosion.

3. Clean cooling water should be used when the air cooler is running, and there should be no accumulations on the inside and outside of the cooling pipe.

4. Daily regular inspection to ensure that all components are in good condition.

5. Regularly adjust the tightness of the fan belt, and replace the belt in time to ensure that the fan is in good use.

6. Add lubricating oil regularly.

7. In icy areas, it is necessary to make anti-condensation and anti-freezing planning for air coolers, and do effective anti-freezing operations in winter to avoid freezing, freezing and corrosion caused by cold air.

8. TEC AIR COOLER shall control the sealing surfaces and the finned tube ends without leakage. If there is leakage, take measures in time. 9. Regularly use compressed steam to remove the dirt inside the air cooler tube and on the fins.

10. When operating the air cooler control, it is not allowed to operate over pressure and over temperature, which will cause equipment damage.

11. When the air cooler is parked, the condensate should be purged with low pressure steam to avoid freezing and corrosion.

12. When the TEC AIR COOLER is out of use, it is necessary to drain the water in the entire cooling water system to avoid damage to the components of the air cooler. Make sure that there is no accumulation in the pipe. If there is accumulation, drain the water from the air cooler, rinse the pipe with clean water and dry the pipe.

13. Regularly clean the air cooler to remove the scale and heat sink dust in the internal pipes.

14. In order to avoid condensed water on the air outlet side of the air cooler and ensure that the condensed water is discharged in time, a thermometer can be installed on the side pipe of the cooling water to record the temperature of the air and water.

15. When the air cooler is running, remove the accumulated air in the air cooler or clean the air cooler in time to ensure the function of the TEC AIR COOLER.


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