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How should TEF AIR COOLER be cleaned





TEF AIR COOLER is abbreviated as TEF air cooler. It uses air as a coolant and can be used as a cooler or a condenser. It is mainly composed of tube bundles, brackets and fans. TEF AIR COOLER hot fluid flows in the tube, and the air blows through the tube bundle. Due to the large amount of ventilation required for heat exchange, and the low wind pressure, axial fans are often used (see fluid conveying machinery). The type and material of the tube bundle have a great influence on the performance of the air cooler. Because the heat transfer coefficient of the air side is very small, fins are often added outside the tube to increase the heat transfer area and fluid turbulence, and reduce thermal resistance.


Because most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium ions and acid carbonate. When cooling water flows over the metal surface, carbonates are formed. In addition, the oxygen dissolved in the cooling water can cause metal corrosion and form rust. Due to the generation of rust, TEF AIR COOLER's heat transfer performance decreases. In severe cases, only the cooling water can be sprayed outside the shell. In severe cases, the pipes will be blocked and the heat exchange will be useless. The research data shows that scale deposits have a great influence on the loss of heat transfer, and the increase in deposits will cause an increase in energy costs. Even a thin layer of scale will increase the operating cost of the scaled part of the equipment by more than 40%. Keeping TEF AIR COOLER cooling channels free of mineral deposits can save energy, increase the service life of the equipment, and save production time and costs.

The more traditional methods are scraping and brushing. Brush off the areas that need to be cleaned and brush, and use a tool to scrape off the dirt that is not easy to brush off. The second is to use high-pressure water or chemical cleaning (mainly pickling), only need to get high-pressure water or chemical water in the dirt place to carry out a chemical reaction to make the dirt fall off.

However, this more traditional method generally does not clean thoroughly, and cleaning with chemical water may also cause corrosion to TEF AIR COOLER and damage the machine. The waste liquid remaining after the chemical water cleaning has to spend a lot of money to deal with. Therefore, cleaning agents can be used. Relatively speaking, they must be environmentally friendly, safe, and clean. Generally, there will be no oxidation, which is beneficial to the service life of TEF AIR COOLER. 


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