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What are the advantages of UNIT AIR COOLER itself

good price and quality UNIT AIR COOLER

good price and quality UNIT AIR COOLER

good price and quality UNIT AIR COOLER


High heat transfer efficiency: the plate corrugation design aims at the high thermal conductivity of the film, and the special flow channel formed by the plate corrugation makes the fluid generate strong turbulent flow (turbulent flow) at a very low flow rate. The turbulent flow has a self-cleaning effect and prevents scaling. Therefore, the heat transfer efficiency is high. Since the heat exchange plates are easy to disassemble, a more suitable heat transfer effect and capacity can be obtained by adjusting the number of heat exchange plates or changing the flow rate.

good price and quality UNIT AIR COOLER

As long as the middle frame is used, it can have a variety of unique functions. This provides the user with the possibility to change the processing capacity and heat transfer coefficient K value at any time or to add new functions.

Small heat loss: Due to its compact structure, small volume and small external area, the heat loss is also small. Typically, equipment no longer requires insulation.

Safe and reliable use: Two seals are designed on the sealing device between the UNIT AIR COOLER boards, and a signal hole is provided at the same time. In case of leakage, the heat exchanger can be drained to prevent the mixing of the two media and play the role of a safety alarm.


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