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How to choose a condenser





The condenser is one of the main heat exchange equipment in the refrigeration system of the cold storage. Its function is to cool and condense the superheated vapor of the high-temperature refrigerant discharged from the assembled cold storage compressor into a high-pressure liquid. The heat released by the refrigerant in the condenser is carried away by the cooling medium. The combined cold storage condenser is mainly divided into air-cooled and water-cooled according to the cooling medium. Small cooling load, suitable for small mobile cold storage refrigeration system.


The condenser is divided into three types: water-cooled condenser, air-cooled condenser and evaporative condenser according to the different cooling medium and cooling method.

Water-cooled condenser: Wide range of uses, compact and easy to use. The performance is basically stable, but the decay is fast and the efficiency is not very high. Not suitable for water shortage areas and low temperature areas. The water system is prone to freezing in winter and has a high failure rate. It is suitable for occasions with heavy condensing load and high ambient temperature. It should cooperate with cold source or heat exchange equipment during operation.

Air-cooled condenser: In the air-cooled condenser, there are sleeve type, shell and tube type and plate type according to their shapes. Set one or several copper pipes (smooth pipe or low-ribbed pipe) with smaller diameter, and then bend them into a circular or U-shaped spiral according to the requirements of the unit layout. The refrigerant vapor enters the outer pipe from the upper part, and the sleeve condenser used in the cold storage is assembled: steel pipe or copper pipe with a larger diameter. The condensed water flows out from the lower part of the outer casing; the cooling water enters from the lower part of the inner pipe and flows in the opposite direction to the refrigerant. It absorbs the heat of the refrigerant vapor along the way and flows out from the top. This type of condenser is often used in the Freon refrigeration system of mobile refrigerators and small refrigerators with a cooling load of less than 40kW. In an air-cooled condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant in the compressor of the mobile cold room is carried away by the cooling water. Reliable performance, slightly higher cost than water cooling, high operating pressure, simple operation, maintenance and installation. It is suitable for water shortage areas.

Evaporative condenser: It integrates condenser, mercury device, cooling tower and circulating pool. Compact structure, small footprint, low investment, convenient use and maintenance, stable performance, obvious water and electricity saving, and low operating pressure. More energy efficient than air cooling and more water efficient than water cooling.

After a comprehensive comparison, the total power consumption of evaporative condensers, water-cooled condensers and cooling towers (refrigeration compressor power consumption + fan power consumption + circulating water mercury power consumption) can be saved by 17%. Evaporative condensers are widely used in new cold storages. All condensers operate by removing heat from the gas or steam.


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