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What aspects should be considered when customizing DC INVERTER CONDENSING UNIT





How important is it to customize DC INVERTER CONDENSING UNIT? For example, if the chiller equipment in flammable and explosive occasions is not customized for explosion-proof, it will explode and cause a fire.

What aspects should be considered when customizing DC INVERTER CONDENSING UNIT? How to choose a custom-made chiller? These are all very important. Next, let the editor of Stellar Refrigeration show you several main elements of non-standard customization of chillers. I hope it will help you!

1. Water temperature, water quantity and water quality of cooling water: It can set the possibility of cooling water temperature, water quantity, water quality and cooling equipment, so as to determine whether a water-cooled chiller or an air-cooled chiller is used.

For example, some laboratories require chillers with high temperature control accuracy, within the range of plus or minus 0.5 degrees, while some machinery, reactor workshops, and chillers require higher water quality requirements, which affects the chiller. The production process and material selection, such as the stainless steel material of the heat exchange container.

2. Application industry of chiller: The application industry of chiller is wide, and special industries and processes, such as chemical industry, explosive and corrosive materials, need to use customized explosion-proof chillers, anti-corrosion and other industries;

For example, in the surface treatment process, the chiller pipeline needs to adapt to the pH of the solution, and customize the evaporator with special materials, such as stainless steel evaporator, titanium tube evaporator, etc.

In some food industries, to use a low-temperature freezer to cool materials to a relatively low temperature, and the control requirements range from minus 30 degrees to 100 degrees, it is necessary to customize a low-temperature chiller. You can find professionals to develop a more suitable chiller!

3. DC INVERTER CONDENSING UNIT installation environment: Some factory personnel think that the chiller is a cooling device, and any installation environment can be used. In fact, this is not the case. The chiller is installed indoors or outdoors. Corrosion, pollution, sunlight should be avoided. , rain, convenient installation and maintenance places;

The working environment of some DC INVERTER CONDENSING UNITs is humid and harsh. The shape of the chiller must be specially customized. Generally, stainless steel is used to prevent rusting.

Some need to take into account the cooling water tower, there are some requirements for the project installation, whether it is easy to carry, consider whether there will be noise pollution and shock resistance around.

4. Configuration selection of DC INVERTER CONDENSING UNIT: The configuration is really critical, because the working conditions of 5, 10 and 50 horses are different, so the configuration will be different, compressor, main control electric box, condenser, evaporator, pipeline Wait, although the price is not much different, but the configuration often determines the service life and performance.

In addition, the configuration also depends on the manufacturer's production qualifications, technical strength, research and development capabilities, and after-sales service. Needless to say, industry friends should all understand.

Finally, under the customized selection of DC INVERTER CONDENSING UNIT, you should choose professional personnel to purchase.


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