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How MANEUROP CONDENSING UNIT and other devices can save electricity





MANEUROP CONDENSING UNIT The industry is growing day by day, electricity has become an important issue for enterprises now, coupled with the lack of water resources, saving electricity has become the slogan of the enterprise. How can industrial machinery and equipment such as chillers save electricity? How to control the humidity in the air-conditioning area to be more economical? In order to meet the air-conditioning temperature required for direct production, when the chiller is refrigerating, it should be controlled within the upper limit of the temperature specified in the production as much as possible. Change and adjust the set temperature and humidity. The air-conditioning temperature in the office area should be controlled at about 26°C. For a general central air-conditioning system, raising the temperature by 1°C can save about 6% of electricity.

In what range is the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the chilled water controlled by MANEUROP CONDENSING UNIT, so that the chiller can save electricity? In general, when the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the chilled water is controlled at 4-5°C, the chiller operates in the high-efficiency area. However, when the cooling load is low, the temperature difference will be reduced. At this time, the operating conditions of the refrigerator should be adjusted, or the frozen water meteor should be adjusted. How to save electricity for the cooling water pump of the chiller? For the conventional cooling water pump, when the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water is less than 4-5 degrees, the phenomenon of "small temperature difference, big meteor" will appear. Frequency conversion control or replacing large pumps with small pumps can save a lot of power.
Why is variable speed adjustment the most effective measure to save electricity for the pump? According to the relationship between the pump flow Q, pressure P, revolutions n and power N: it can be seen that adjusting the speed can greatly adjust the operating power of the pump. The power saving of the water pump is mainly to adjust the power consumed by the water pump reasonably under the premise of meeting the required flow and head, rather than relying on throttling to adjust. Compared with other adjustment methods, variable speed adjustment can not only ensure that the pump operates in the high-efficiency area with the highest efficiency and the least energy loss, but also can flexibly adjust the operating power of the pump according to different needs, so that the electric power consumed by the pump can meet the needs. The best match, the most power saving. At the same time, it is also the most common and effective measure used in water pump power saving. How to control when the cooling water pumps run in parallel? When the cooling water pumps are not in the form of "one-to-one", but in the form of parallel connection, the number of pumps running should be controlled according to the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the cooling water. Several parallel pumps are matched in size, according to It is more energy-saving to run pumps of different specifications when the demand load changes, and it is best to control the frequency conversion of the water pump.
In the non-high temperature season, how does the cooling tower operate to save electricity? In the non-high temperature season, that is, in winter and transitional seasons, the cooling tower fan load of the refrigerator is small, and the outdoor ambient temperature is low. Generally, forced cooling is not required, so it can be According to the actual situation, turn off the cooling tower fan or control it with frequency conversion. How does MANEUROP CONDENSING UNIT play the cold storage function of the chilled water pool? The main function of the general chilled water pool is to buffer and replenish water. Some systems have no pool but only a small expansion tank. When the capacity of the chiller is surplus and the chilled water pool can have a certain capacity, the price difference between the peak and valley electricity can be used to run several chillers at full load during the valley power period, so that the pool has lower temperature chilled water. , the cold star stored in the pool is released during the peak power period to reduce the load of the refrigerator, which can save a considerable amount of electricity.
How to consider the function of the MANEUROP CONDENSING UNIT pool when it is newly built or renovated? When it comes to the new construction or expansion of the air-conditioning system, it should be considered to give full play to the function of the chilled pool. First, consider the large capacity underground pool, and the top of the pool can be greened, and secondly Consider valley electricity storage, and secondly, it can serve as a part of the fire pool and other functions. This not only saves a lot of investment, but also saves part of the air-conditioning operating costs. What are the advantages of cold storage tanks? Saving electricity, less investment, short payback period, low operating costs, acting as a fire pool, regulating cooling load, and smooth operation of refrigerators.


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