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How to use MONOBLOCK UNIT to be more energy efficient





As we all know, when the evaporation temperature of MONOBLOCK UNIT and the speed of the compressor are constant, the lower the condensing temperature, the higher the cooling coefficient and the lower the power consumption. Therefore, from this point of view, keeping the condensing temperature stable is beneficial to increase the cooling capacity of the MONOBLOCK UNIT.


If the heat exchange area of ​​the MONOBLOCK UNIT condenser is increased, the water volume of the cooling water can be increased for the water-cooled industrial chiller, the fan power of the air-cooled industrial chiller can be increased to increase the condensing air volume, and the heat transfer coefficient of the condenser can also be increased to directly increase the cooling capacity. . However, it is not realistic to increase the area of ​​the condenser for the cooling system of an already established industrial chiller. Increasing the water volume or air volume of the cooling water will make the condenser of the industrial chiller suffer long-term damage risks, affect the life of the industrial chiller, and also increase a series of potential problems such as power consumption and consumables, which may be far from the actual effect. Far.

It is practical and effective to improve the heat release coefficient on the heat dissipation side of the MONOBLOCK UNIT condenser, and the effective way to improve the heat release coefficient is to reduce the thermal resistance of the heat dissipation side and perform effective drag reduction treatment on the cooling system. For example, the water quality of the cooling water of the water-cooled industrial chiller changes continuously during the cooling cycle, causing scaling, corrosion and blockage. At present, the general MONOBLOCK UNIT cooling water mostly uses tap water. For the cooling water system of large industrial chillers, only a small amount of high-quality tap water will not work, and the cooling water must be treated with medicine.

The piping arrangement of the cooling water system of MONOBLOCK UNIT also has a certain influence on the cooling efficiency. Although the piping arrangement of industrial chillers is relatively simple, if not considered carefully, there will be some unforeseen problems. The circulating cooling water system of most industrial chillers is an open system. If the volume of the water storage tank is small, the distance between the pipes is too long, or the resistance balance of the outlet pipe is seriously out of balance, the air will be mixed into the water, enter the water pump and be pressed into the pipe, causing Severe water hammer causes damage to the water pump outlet pipe and its fittings.

It can be seen from this that the cooling water system of MONOBLOCK UNIT should pay attention to the balance of pipeline resistance, which is easy to adjust the flow and balance the flow. If the above control cannot be achieved, an automatic control system should be used. The inlet and outlet of the water cycle should be equipped with solenoid valves, and should be synchronized Open, close, or set a balance valve on the inlet and outlet pipes to ensure that the inlet water meets its rated flow. In order to increase the water collection capacity of the suction pipe, the diameter of the suction pipe can be appropriately increased when designing the suction pipe.

It is not difficult to see that, in order to use a good MONOBLOCK UNIT to be more energy efficient, in addition to the above measures, other comprehensive and beneficial means should also be taken. Hengxing Refrigeration, a professional manufacturer of industrial chillers, has obtained through long-term research that a MONOBLOCK UNIT with a reasonable structure and scientific layout can use appropriate methods of use, which can increase the use efficiency of the general MONOBLOCK UNIT by about 20% to 30%. If the industrial chiller is used well, the normal industrial production efficiency will be multiplied with half the effort.


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