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What details should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance and maintenance of CONDENSING UNIT


At present, the equipment for CONDENSING UNIT sold on the market generally uses a special pump to increase the lift, and it is also equipped with a high-quality disc evaporator to improve the lift effect. These diverse CONDENSING UNITs have caused an uproar in many different industries. Now I will briefly explain what details need to be paid attention to in the daily maintenance and maintenance of CONDENSING UNIT:

The equipment of CONDENSING UNIT can play a strong heat transfer function, the main reason is that it can play a stable heat transfer role, such as steam, heating and so on. However, in order to prolong its service life, in addition to cleaning the dust filter in time, it is also necessary to replace the filter element and circulating water regularly, so that these basic accessories can assist the steam and steam to play a greater role.

Take necessary anti-condensation measures in summer;

Whether it is CONDENSING UNIT or other types of condensing units, condensation is often prone to occur in summer. Therefore, users need to take necessary dew condensation protection measures when using in summer. This is because the set value of water vapor is lower than the dew point temperature under the corresponding atmospheric pressure, resulting in condensation of water vapor on the pipe wall.

Take necessary antifreeze measures in winter;

When using in winter, CONDENSING UNIT needs to set up necessary anti-condensation measures. Because the water pressure is too low, it is easy to cause the water system to freeze. In order to prevent the water pipe from freezing and cracking due to the low water pressure, water pressure antifreeze can be added if conditions permit. This is also one of the more commonly used antifreeze measures in today's hydraulic antifreeze equipment. one.

The high-efficiency CONDENSING UNIT has the advantages of compact size, low noise and low vibration in structural design, which is also an important reason why people pay more and more attention to industrial chillers. And according to some shared feedback, in addition to cleaning the dust filter and replacing the filter element in time, the daily maintenance and maintenance of CONDENSING UNIT should also set up necessary anti-condensation measures in summer and necessary anti-freezing measures in winter.


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