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How to adjust the water level of the TED AIR COOLER


TED AIR COOLER is mainly used in steam turbine power plant. Divided into water cooling and air cooling. In addition to condensing the exhaust steam of the steam turbine into water for reuse by the boiler, the cooler can also establish and maintain a vacuum at the exhaust steam of the steam turbine. 

       When the water level of the TED AIR COOLER changes, the output signal of the transmitter will also change accordingly. After this measurement signal is compared with the given value, a deviation signal is generated and sent to the regulator. Then, the regulator performs the corresponding operation on the deviation signal, and outputs the result of the operation to the frequency converter of the cooler.
       Secondly, when the inverter receives the output signal of the regulator, TED AIR COOLER will correspondingly change the frequency of the pump motor power supply according to the signal, so as to change the motor speed and increase or decrease the flow of the water supply. Keep the drum water level stable at the given value. In the improvement and perfection, the cooling efficiency will be continuously increased, and the energy consumption of the cooler will be reduced at the same time.


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