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How to choose TED EVAPORATOR reasonably


Generally speaking, we can choose TED EVAPORATOR from the following aspects:

1. The choice of TED EVAPORATOR effect number: We must first consider the size of the processed volume, the increase in the boiling point of the sending material, and the quantity of equipment. If the processing capacity is large, we should adopt multi-effect operation. The smaller the steam consumption, the greater the effect. If the equipment investment is high, the boiling point will increase greatly, so that the effective temperature difference is small, and the effect of use will be reduced.

2. The choice of TED EVAPORATOR lack of steam condenser: when the lack of steam must be recovered, indirect condensers should be used, such as tube and spiral plate heat exchangers; conversely, direct condensers can be used, such as direct atmospheric condensers and water jet pump condensation . When the final effect is atmospheric pressure evaporation, the exhaust steam can also be directly drained without a condenser.

3. TED EVAPORATOR process selection: In the downstream operation, the pressure of the rear evaporation chamber is lower than that of the front evaporation chamber, and the pump power required to transport the solution between the effects is small. In addition, considering the low evaporation temperature of the after-effect, some of the steam will be flashed off immediately after the fore-effect solution enters the after-effect, so that the steam consumption is low. However, the higher the aftereffect concentration, the lower the temperature, the higher the viscosity, and the lower the heat transfer rate. Therefore, the reverse operation and the downstream operation are just the opposite. The pre-effect temperature is high, the concentration is high, and the after-effect temperature is low. On the contrary, the concentration is low, so the heat transfer rate of each effect is close, but the result is that the power of the feed pump between the required effects is increased, and the steam consumption is high. It is not suitable for the treatment of heat-sensitive materials, nor is it suitable for materials with increased corrosive media, as the temperature and concentration increase. Here, advection and mixed flow can also be used according to the specific conditions of the material.

4. TED EVAPORATOR heating area: Regarding the determination of the heating area of ​​the evaporator, we need to comprehensively consider the following factors: material balance, heat balance, heat transfer calculation and the process form adopted.

What kinds of TED EVAPORATOR can be divided into? The common one is the ordinary evaporation system, and the other is the forced circulation evaporator. The latter type of evaporator actually means adding an external circulation pump on the basis of multiple external circulation evaporators. Generally speaking, the energy consumption of double-effect evaporation with heat pump is almost similar to that of triple-effect evaporation. Therefore, we can increase the heat transfer effect and increase the evaporation intensity by increasing the flow rate of the material in the evaporation tube. In the evaporation process, the forced circulation evaporator can be used for crystallization. Note: It is a non-heat sensitive material.


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