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What are the cleaning methods for TEK EVAPORATOR


   TEK EVAPORATOR is used in many places in industrial production, and after the evaporator has been used for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned, which can delay the scaling and blockage of the evaporator and ensure its continuous and stable operation. So how should the evaporator be cleaned? The following editor will introduce to you the cleaning plan of the evaporator.

   At present, there are two common mainstream cleaning solutions for TEK EVAPORATOR cleaning on the market, one is shutdown cleaning and online cleaning, and the methods used can be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning.

  TEK EVAPORATOR cleaning method can be divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning in the conventional sense. Generally speaking, physical cleaning is commonly used, but if physical cleaning can no longer be thoroughly cleaned, then chemical cleaning should be used at this time. In the physical cleaning process, high-pressure water jets are generally used to directly clean the scales out. But if the internal structure is hard scale, then chemical cleaning can only be used at this time, because the physical method can not remove the scale, only chemical drugs can be used to clean up the scale, rust, slime, and anti-corrosion treatment.

   Generally speaking, the TEK EVAPORATOR shutdown cleaning program is relatively simpler, that is, after stopping the evaporator, first empty the material solution in it, and then put the chemical agent into it for operation. Another way is to check out the deposition section of the equipment scale body according to the operating conditions of the material, and then perform physical cleaning.

   TEK EVAPORATOR's online cleaning program, which is an online cleaning pipeline program. It is roughly the same as the material flow of the evaporator, and the operation mode is basically the same, so the difference is nothing more than the designed cleaning pipeline or the adding method, which is slightly different according to the material.

   The chemical cleaning method in the TEK EVAPORATOR cleaning program can be used in either shutdown cleaning or online cleaning. In comparison, physical cleaning can only be used during shutdown cleaning. Therefore, in general, the online cleaning method of the evaporator is more suitable for the anti-scaling stage and the prevention stage such as delaying the scaling of materials and extending the operation cycle of the equipment.

   The shutdown cleaning of TEK EVAPORATOR can be intuitively divided into two ways, chemical cleaning and physical cleaning. The physical cleaning is more likely to be used. In addition, the evaporator shutdown cleaning program also has drawbacks, that is, the material in the evaporator needs to be emptied and then cleaned, which will directly affect the owner's production efficiency, so the online cleaning method is commonly used during operation.

   The above content is the TEK EVAPORATOR cleaning program provided by the editor. Of course, no matter which cleaning program is used, the final choice must be based on the actual situation.


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