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The condenser is an important part of the refrigeration system, mainly for cooling. Condensers are divided into two types, air-cooled and water-cooled, which are commonly referred to as "air-cooled" and "water-cooled". DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER is a condenser with air as the cooling medium. It uses a fan to accelerate the air flow to increase the heat transfer effect of the air. DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER does not require cooling water, can save all the equipment required for water supply, and is easy to use and install.

DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER is determined by the ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the higher the condensation temperature. Generally, when using DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER, the condensation temperature is 7-12°C higher than the ambient temperature. This value of 7-12°C is called the heat exchange temperature difference. The higher the condensing temperature, the lower the refrigeration efficiency of the refrigeration unit, so we must control this heat exchange temperature difference should not be too large. But if the temperature difference of heat exchange is to be too small, then the heat exchange area and circulating air volume of DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER must be larger, and the cost of DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER will be higher.

Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to use DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER in areas where the ambient temperature exceeds 42°C. So whether to choose DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER, first confirm the ambient temperature. Generally, when designing an air-cooled ice machine, the customer must be required to provide the highest ambient dry bulb temperature throughout the year in the local area.

Advantages of DZ TYPE AIR COOLED CONDENSER: No need of water resources, lower operating cost. It is easy to install and use, no other supporting equipment is needed, and it can be put into operation as long as the power is turned on, and it does not pollute the environment. It is suitable for areas with severe water shortage or rare water supply.


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