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What are the requirements for installing TEB AIR COOLER


TEB AIR COOLER should be placed on the disadvantaged side of the installation’s annual minimum frequency wind direction; TEB AIR COOLER should be placed above the main gallery, the top of the structure or the top of the tower; TEB AIR COOLER should not be placed at an operating temperature equal to or higher than the spontaneous combustion point And above the equipment for conveying and storing liquefied hydrocarbons.

Otherwise, partitions of non-incinerating materials should be used for isolation protection; when multiple groups of air coolers are placed together, they should be installed in the same way, and should be arranged in rows; should prevent one part of the red row arrangement and the other part of the red row arrangement; inclined roof type TEB AIR COOLER should not face the prevailing wind direction in summer.

Inclined roof type TEB AIR COOLER should be arranged in rows. For example, when arranged in rows, there should be no less than 3m in the center of the two rows. The spacing between the frame columns of two humidifying TEB AIR COOLER or TEB AIR COOLER placed side by side should not be less than 3m. Channels should be provided at the pipe boxes at both ends of the TEB AIR COOLER control and the transmission machinery.

TEB AIR COOLER effect: mainly used for the cooling processing and frozen storage of meat, poultry, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, cold drink products in the food industry, and the cooling and cold storage of various alcohols and beverages such as beer and liquor. It can also meet the cooling needs of processing raw materials and places in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, machinery, electronics, water and electricity and other occupations.


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