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What are the types of condensers





The condenser plays a heat exchange role in the refrigeration system. After a long time of use, the working surface of the pipeline will be polluted, and the precise area of heat exchange and the volume inside the tube will increase, reducing the heat exchange efficiency. In addition, it will also reduce the flow resistance. Improper heat transfer will also increase the condensation pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly remove dirt from the condenser to improve refrigeration efficiency and shorten service life.

1. The task of the condenser is to discharge the high temperature from the compressor, so that the cold steam is cooled and reduced to a liquid refrigerant. The cooling process can usually be divided into 3 processes.
1) So cold steam is reduced to dry saturated steam instead. Instead, the subcooled steam below the exhaust temperature is used as dry saturated steam at the condensation temperature.
2) Dry saturation and vapor cooling are instead used as saturated liquids. Dry saturation and vapor thermally condense into saturated liquid at the condensation temperature tk. This process is the process of melting vapor into liquid.
3) The stable liquid is further heated into a supercooled liquid. Since the temperature of the cooling medium (water or air) is usually higher than the condensation temperature, the stable liquid is usually further heated at the end of the condenser, making it a subcooled liquid.
2. What are the main forms of condensers? Condensers can be divided into 3 small types according to their cooling methods:
1) Water-cooled type In this type of condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is taken away by the heated water. The cooling water can pass through once, and can also be recycled. If circulating water is used, a cooling water tower or a cold water pool must be built. Water-cooled condensers have shell-and-tube, casing, and submerged structures.
2) Air-cooled (or air-cooled) In this type of condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is taken away by the air. Its structural form is mainly composed of several groups of serpentine coils. Because the heat transfer performance of air is very small, it is generally added to the serpentine coil to reduce the heat transfer area on the air side. In addition, a fan is used to speed up the air flow to reduce the heat transfer on the air side. heat effect.
3) Evaporative type and water spraying type In this type of condenser, the refrigerant is condensed inside the tube, and the outside of the tube is cooled by water and air.


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