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Factors Affecting Evaporation Temperature of TEB EVAPORATOR





The industrial chiller refrigeration system is composed of compressor, condenser, expansion valve and TEB EVAPORATOR, and its working process is as follows: The refrigerant boils at the pressure temperature, which is lower than the temperature of the cooled object or fluid. The compressor continuously sucks the vapor generated in the evaporator, compresses it to the condensation pressure, and then sends it to the condenser, which is cooled and condensed into a liquid under equal pressure under pressure, and the heat released by the refrigerant when it is cooled and condensed is transferred to the cooling The medium (usually the air used by the air conditioner in the computer room), the condensation temperature corresponding to the condensation pressure must be higher than the temperature of the cooling medium, and the condensed liquid enters the evaporator through the expansion valve or other throttling elements.


The evaporation temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator should be lower than the air temperature, so that the heat in the machine room will be transferred to the refrigerant, and the refrigerant will evaporate into gas after absorbing the heat, which will be sucked away by the compressor, so that the pressure of the evaporator will not be affected by the heat. Too much gas evaporates and the pressure rises, which increases the evaporation temperature and affects the cooling effect. The temperature difference is determined comprehensively in combination with the investment cost of the air conditioner and the energy consumption during refrigeration.

Factors affecting the evaporation temperature of TEB EVAPORATOR are as follows:

1. Oil in the evaporator pipeline: Under normal circumstances, due to the mutual solubility of lubricating oil and Freon, no oil film will be formed on the surface of the heat exchanger, and the thermal resistance of the oil film can be ignored. However, in the case of adding lubricating oil, it must be the same as the original label. lubricating oil to prevent the generation of oil film.

2. The air filter is clogged: the filter must be replaced regularly to ensure the circulating air volume required by the air conditioner.

3. Clogging of the drying filter: In order to ensure the normal circulation of the refrigerant, the refrigeration system must be kept clean and dry. If there are impurities in the system, the drying filter will be blocked, making it difficult to supply liquid to the system and affecting the cooling effect.

4. There is too little refrigerant in TEB EVAPORATOR, Freon needs to be added.


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