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What is the principle of TEH EVAPOTATOR





TEH EVAPOTATOR is made of two-layer metal plates through high-pressure gas expansion molding or mechanical pressure molding, and can also be made of aluminum alloy die-casting. This kind of evaporator is widely used in small refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators, merchandise showcases, popsicle storage boxes, etc. TEH EVAPOTATOR is widely used in contact freezing.


The heat transfer coefficient of TEH EVAPOTATOR in liquid is greater than that in gas, and the heat transfer coefficient in flow is greater than that in static state.

TEH EVAPOTATOR is widely used because of its good heat transfer effect, compact structure, small footprint and easy installation. The structure of TEH EVAPOTATOR is the same as the horizontal shell and tube condenser. In order to control the proper flow, the coolant carrier enters from the lower part of the end cover and flows back and forth between the evaporator and the end cover to form a multi-program flow. The refrigerant flows outside the tube, the throttled refrigerant liquid enters from the bottom or side of the evaporator, and the gas is discharged from the upper part.

The upper part of the TEH EVAPOTATOR cylinder is usually equipped with several rows of cooling pipes or an air bag welded on the shell, so that the gas separates the liquid droplets before leaving the emitter. Large evaporators generally make a dedicated separation equipment.

When working, a certain amount of liquid refrigerant should be kept in the shell of TEH EVAPOTATOR, and the liquid level is controlled by a floating ball valve. The height of the hydrostatic level should be approximately the diameter of the cylinder. Most of the cooling tubes are immersed in the liquid, and the heat exchange is carried out in a liquid-liquid manner. Therefore, the heat transfer effect is better and the heat transfer coefficient is larger. However, the liquid level should not be too high, otherwise liquid will return to the refrigerator.

Although the nitrogen gas of this TEH EVAPOTATOR is universal, the tubing is different. TEH EVAPOTATOR adopts 4025x2.5-438x3 steel pipe, and the aerator adopts copper pipe or brass pipe. When the coolant is corrosive, the tube sheet is generally made of corrosion-resistant composite metal plate, and the cooling pipe is made of high-strength aluminum-arsenic brass tube. In order to improve the heat transfer effect of the evaporator, finned tubes have been widely used in the evaporator.


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