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What to pay attention to when cleaning CONDENSER





Be aware of this. Before directly cleaning the transpiration condenser, the condenser water inlet valve should be closed in time. Then, after the valve of the condenser is closed, in practice, attention should be paid to the discharge of the remaining water directly in the refrigeration system.


In practice, it should be noted that it is necessary to ensure that two temporary circulation systems are directly installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the transpiration condenser; the circulation system itself can actually directly disassemble the drain valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, etc. In fact, it is a circulation pump connected by a hose to the outside of the tank.

Moreover, corresponding preparations have been made for the transpiration condenser, which can actually directly ensure its power, safety, economy, energy saving, and professional environmental protection and cleaning. Actually, we need to pump water from the lower part of the capacitor. With this approach, we actually need a 3-5 hour cycle. Doing so can thoroughly clean the scale inside the evaporative condenser. Compared with the dust and dirt in the condenser, we actually need to discharge the sewage in time. In this regard, what we really need to pay attention to is to change the water immediately and then clean it again.

After completing the entire cleaning process, we need to directly open the end plate of the transpiration capacitor. Next, we need to pay attention to painting back with a brush on the inner wall of each transpiration condenser copper tube. In this regard, we should actually pay attention to directly remove the dirt and scale on the inner wall of the copper pipe, so as to keep it clean and prevent light from corroding.


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