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How does EVAPORATOR prevent freezing in winter





A good way to avoid thawing is to opt for a remote tank installed in the room. The water level in the water tank should be lower than the condensing evaporator. All condensed tap water can flow into a storage tank in a warm room. In addition, the tank can be heated with electricity, steam or boiling water equipment. When the natural ambient temperature is low in winter, it is also possible to stop the pump and only use the centrifugal fan. In this case, the fuel tank should be drained. If equipped with an electric heater, it should be deactivated. The water entering the tank must be filtered so that it does not clog the automatic sprinkler system.


In cryogenic storage facilities, there are several ways to ensure safe operation of EVAPORATOR at lower average temperatures:

1. Place the water tank and water pump in the main machine room or another room with central heating standards, and inject the water from the EVAPORATOR water tank into the indoor water tank.

2. An electric heating device or steam electric heater operated by a constant temperature automotive relay is installed in the condenser collecting box.

3. Operating with baffles or so-called throttle valves to return part of the hot air exhausted to the EVAPORATOR and recirculate the system.

During the entire use of EVAPORATOR, together with the water heat exchanger, there will be long-term water volatilization, residual metal materials and calcium chemical residues in water, dirt and stains. The generation of dust and dirt is not critical to the improvement of cooling efficiency. When dirt and grime create a high-density scale layer outside the water pipes, it can seriously affect the effective cooling of the volatile EVAPORATOR. The main hazards are as follows:

1. During the long-term work of the mechanical equipment, the temperature drop is not large, and the test pieces of the mechanical equipment are not damaged.

2. Increase the cooling time. When the temperature is lowered to the same temperature, the cooling time is increased.

3. The EVAPORATOR nozzle is uneven, the water vapor is not easy to digest, and it absorbs less heat.


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