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The principle and characteristics of the evaporator





Evaporator manufacturers forced circulation evaporators are used to prevent scaling or crystallization of products that are jubilant on the heated surface. Therefore, the flow velocity in the pipeline must be high. The circulating liquid is heated as it flows through the heat exchanger and then partially evaporates as the pressure in the separator is reduced, cooling the liquid to a boiling temperature corresponding to the pressure. Because of the circulating pump, the working of the evaporator is basically independent of the temperature difference.


The evaporator manufacturer stated that the production mission should be arranged reasonably and reasonably. Different air conditioner evaporator devices have different functions and load adjustments. Enterprises should arrange production tasks according to the function of air-conditioning evaporator equipment, and formulate labor quotas according to the load capacity (work efficiency) of air-conditioning evaporator equipment, so that the function and load capacity of the equipment are consistent with the production tasks, to prevent "rough processing" and Overworked work.

The speed of data recovery can be adjusted accurately. The evaporation rate is set within a certain range. In crystallization applications, crystals can be separated from the circulating magma by adjusting the circulating flow rate and selecting a special separator design. The forced circulation of the equipment pump has the characteristics of high evaporation rate and high concentration ratio, and is especially suitable for the evaporation of high concentration or high viscosity materials.

Sulfite: Sulfite is a weak acid salt, especially ammonium sulfite. It is easily decomposed physically after the temperature rises. It is difficult for sulfite to crystallize. Even if it can crystallize part of the particle size, it is very small, and it is difficult to separate. This is one of the reasons why many wet desulfurization wastewater MVR evaporators do not work well. Sulfite is produced by aeration oxidation to form sulfate.

Using a forced circulation evaporator, the efficiency is equivalent to adding a falling film evaporator evaporator. Falling Film Evaporator In a falling film evaporator, liquid and vapor flow downward and co-current. The feed liquid is preheated to the jubilant temperature by the preheater, and enters the heating tube to form a uniform liquid film through the liquid dispersing equipment at the top, and evaporates in the tube.


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