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Features of copeland scroll zsi condensing unit

copeland scroll zsi condensing unit

copeland scroll zsi condensing unit

copeland scroll zsi condensing unit


In the refrigeration industry, the coeland scroll zsi condensing unit plays a very important role. There are many types of condensing units. For example, the copeland scroll zsi condensing unit is one of them, and it is still a popular one. Its application is relatively The wide range is mainly related to its characteristics. Compared with other ordinary products, the characteristics of the copeland scroll zsi condensing unit are still more prominent. This article mainly describes the characteristics of the copeland scroll zsi condensing unit.

copeland scroll zsi condensing unit

1. The semi-closed compressor, the heart of the copeland scroll zsi condensing unit—the imported high-quality screw compressor, its 5:6 screw rotor compressor is 20-30% more energy efficient than ordinary compressors. It is reliable, efficient, easy to maintain, Accurate capacity control and wide use scale.

2. The microcomputer accurately controls the temperature. The microcomputer controller of the unit adopts the screen dot matrix liquid crystal display, and has an excellent all-Chinese man-machine dialogue interface to realize full-featured automatic control. Its light touch panel is well sealed, waterproof, dustproof, and has a long key life. Graded and stepless energy control, used in ordinary air conditioning systems, equipped with a graded energy control system. This ensures that the unit has a great energy-saving effect under certain loads. However, if you need to accurately control the water temperature, it can be equipped with stepless energy according to user needs. Energy manipulation.

3. The operation efficiency is high, the heat exchanger adopts the corrugated tube, and the screw compressor is added to ensure the operation of the unit. Reliable protection and auxiliary parts.

4. The group has the following components to avoid any operation failure: compressor protection timer, overcurrent relay, compressor motor temperature sensor, antifreeze thermostat, sight glass, oil heater, compressor reverse phase protection relay , High and low pressure protection, exhaust high temperature protection, easy to dissolve plug.

5. The group adopts horizontal shell-and-tube condenser and shell-and-tube evaporator, which have the characteristics of simple structure, stable heat exchange, durable efficiency and convenient maintenance, and have been recognized as the ideal structure of the central air-conditioning host.

In view of the several characteristics of the copeland scroll zsi condensing unit, we will introduce it to you here. The article introduces it in great detail. I believe you will understand it after reading the article.


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