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REFRIGERATION UNIT components compressor common fault troubleshooting





The failure of REFRIGERATION UNIT components is often caused by compressor problems. The following describes the causes of common failures of REFRIGERATION UNIT components.


The REFRIGERATION UNIT components in operation are controlled by high and low voltage relays to start and stop, but after most high voltage relays are tripped, the compressor must be reset manually to restart the compressor. Therefore, the frequent start and stop of the compressor is generally not caused by the high voltage relay. It is mainly caused by low-voltage relays:
1. The amplitude of the low-voltage relay is too small, or in the system where the temperature of the room is controlled by the temperature relay and the low-voltage relay, the amplitude of the temperature relay is too small;
2. REFRIGERATION UNIT components The suction and discharge valve or safety valve of the compressor leaks, so after the shutdown, the high-pressure gas will leak to the low-pressure system, and the pressure will rise quickly and the compressor will be started. After starting, the pressure of the low-pressure system will be quickly pumped Low and low voltage relays act again to stop;
3. The automatic oil return valve of the lubricating oil separator leaks;
4. Expansion valve ice plug.

REFRIGERATION UNIT components The root cause of the long running time of the compressor is the insufficient cooling capacity of the device or the excessive heat load of the cold storage, mainly including:

1. The evaporator frost is too thick or too much oil is stored;
2. The circulation volume of the refrigerant in the system is insufficient, or the liquid refrigerant pipeline is not smooth enough;
3. Due to the leakage of the suction and exhaust valves, the serious leakage of the piston ring or the inability of the compressor to increase the load, the actual gas delivery volume of the compressor is significantly reduced;
4. The thermal load of the cold storage is too large due to the damage to the insulation of the cold storage, the door is not closed tightly or a large number of hot goods are released;
5. Control components such as temperature relay, low-voltage relay or liquid supply solenoid valve are out of order, so that the storage temperature has reached the lower limit. But the compressor could not stop in time. REFRIGERATION UNIT components The high and low pressure of the compressor are quickly balanced after shutdown, which is mainly caused by the serious leakage or rupture of the suction and exhaust valve sheets, and the breakdown of the gasket between the high and low pressure of the cylinder, and the high pressure gas quickly enters the suction cavity after the shutdown.


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