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What factors affect the price of MONOBLOCK UNIT





In the era of economic development, the overall development of the market has been stimulated, and the demand for some products has promoted the production of new products. Air-conditioning appeared in such times. There are two types of refrigerators and refrigeration units currently on the market, and of course there are many types of subdivisions. There is no excess here. The application fields of MONOBLOCK UNIT are also becoming more and more extensive with the development. It is important that good results have been achieved in chemical and environmental equipment such as freezers, mushroom cultivation, and drug storage.


The biggest feature of MONOBLOCK UNIT is the cooling effect. Strictly speaking, air-conditioning means using mechanical equipment to reduce the temperature to the desired temperature, and this process is called air-conditioning. It consists of a refrigerator, a compressor, an evaporator, and a throttle device. A sealed environment is formed through pipe connection, and the refrigerant in the system continues to circulate and move, the stimulation state changes, and the heat exchange with the outside achieves the purpose.

So what factors affect the price of MONOBLOCK UNIT?
1. The size of the specification. As we all know, the bigger the size, the higher the manufacturing cost, and then the price of MONOBLOCK UNIT is really not high. When choosing a large refrigerator, it must not be sold at a low price, but please note that the maintenance cost and safety of use in the later period are not guaranteed.

2. Its own constituent raw materials. Depending on the raw material, then the price of MONOBLOCK UNIT will definitely be different. Other types and effects also come into play and then the price system. For example, the main raw material of some refrigerators is ordinary metal, the processing method is relatively easy, the cost is low, so the price is also low. Some groups use the piston movement method, and the corresponding technology has been improved. According to the selection of parts or personnel requirements, the indirect increase Costs then lead to higher prices.

3. MONOBLOCK UNIT shipping costs and after-sales service. Shipping costs depend on shipping method and distance. In addition, there are merchants including lifetime after-sales service. That's why this type of air conditioner is a little more expensive than everyday. Therefore, the price range of refrigeration units remains highly volatile.

The above is the relevant introduction about what factors affect the price of MONOBLOCK UNIT, I hope it will help you.



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